Journal of Human Rights in the Commonwealth: Call for Papers

The Journal of Human Rights in the Commonwealth (JHRC) is an electronic, open access, inter-disciplinary journal which covers a vast range of issues relating to human rights in the Commonwealth of Nations including, but not limited to: human rights and the law, democracy and governance, development, poverty, conflict, transitional justice, climate change, the ecological crisis, colonialism and imperialism, equality and discrimination, ethnicity, religion, gender and women’s human rights, children, class, corporate accountability, refugees, migration, minorities and indigenous peoples.

To promote scholarly and practitioner debate, the editors will also publish opinion pieces and discussion papers from renowned writers, activists and experts in the fields of Commonwealth Studies and Human Rights. The journal is produced by academic staff at the Human Rights Consortium and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

The journal is peer-reviewed, open access and free to read online. Complete issues are published online biannually in May and November, and we are currently calling for papers.

Please send papers of approximately 8,000-11,000 words to



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